"UI" always refers to unique improvements in my guides and not to "user interface" or "unique infrastructure". UU (Unique Unit) - A special unit that may only be built by a single civilization, and in some cases only when that civilization is led by a specific leader.
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    In summary, to populate a track-selection UI, listen for the 'trackschanged' event from the player and call player.getTracks(). The list of tracks returned is all tracks (video, audio, text). Use track.type to see what type a track is. Sort the tracks, split them up into their various UI elements by type, and populate the UI.

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    The following elements can be added to the UI bar using this configuration value: time_and_duration: adds an element tracking and displaying current progress of the presentation and the full presentation duration in the "0:10 / 1:00" form where "0:10" (ten seconds) is the number of seconds passed from the start of the presentation and "1:00" (one minute) is the presentation duration.

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